Syndication Terms of Service

You can now put Liz Bedor’s original articles on your site through the magic of syndication. There’s no cost and it’s super easy.

  • Publish articles in their entirety, or as close to entirety as possible to suit your needs; this generally means localizing stories or modifying them to appeal to your particular audience
  • You must include the original byline as follows: Liz Bedor
  • Please retain the links in the articles
  • You must cite this site as the original source with the following text: This article was originally published by Liz Bedor,
  • In most cases, this site don’t own the rights to the photos and other artwork that runs with the articles, we therefore can’t grant permission for their use. Please contact the rights-holder for permission
  • When you promote articles to your audience, include Liz’s social media handles whenever possible
  • Let us know when you’ve republished our content, and we will share your site to our audience